Instruction:  $75/hour up to 4 people
Gun Rental:  $10/gun
Ammo:    $7/box of 25
Targets:  $5/25 on the 5 stand   $25/50 targets on the sporting clays course
                 $35/100 on the sporting clays course
Clay Target Fun In Maine
It's Like Golf With A Shotgun (only better!)

Olympic Update: Congratulations Kim Rhode on Gold in Skeet Shooting!
     Looking for something the whole family can do together? Then consider heading to Silverton Sporting Ranch for some clay target shooting that everyone will enjoy.
     So just what do clay target shooting at Silverton involve. Most people are familiar with trap shooting where there is one machine and the targets are all going away. Skeet is a little different in that there are 2 traps, a high house and a low house. By moving to stations in a half circle layout targets are either crossers or going away. Consistency is the name of the game with trap and skeet.

     Then we have sporting clays- where anything goes and I do mean anything. Targets can come be going away, incoming, crossers, from towers overhead, "rabbit" bouncing across the ground. These targets can also be fast, slow, close, far, curling, rising, or falling. Ok so a single target at a time of one of these is good but pairs are even better. A report pair is 2 different targets the second one coming when the first is shot at. A simo pair is both coming at the same time. How fun does that sound?



  Host of the 2007, 2008
Maine State Sporting Clays Championships.

We are starting a 4-H Shooting Sports Club  in the central Maine area. If you have a child, boy or girl, between the ages of 8 to 18 give me a call. 399-3647. We will be working on shotgun and archery.

Silverton Sporting Ranch
Denise Murchison Registered Maine Guide/Certified Shotgun Instructor
51 Webb Rd, Canaan, ME  04924
(207) 399-3647
So you are interested but don't know where to start?  I can help with that. I have been teaching people about shotgun shooting for years and have about a 98% success rate with getting people to break targets! 
      I provide gun rental, ear and eye protection, ammo, targets - everything you need. We start with basic gun safety, parts of the gun and ammo, gun mount and move onto targets.
This is an outing that men, women and kids all find fun. It also makes a great corporate outing as a team building exercise for your employees or as part of a conference or seminar.

An outing for clay targets makes for a great bachelor or bachelorette party too!

Watch this video to see how much fun clays can be
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